Lon Madnight's Midnight Movies - Release

The initial 5 episodes of Lon Madnight's Midnight Movies are finally complete! The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Black Sunday,  Devil Bat, Horror Express, & The House On Haunted Hill. You can screen select episodes by clicking HERE.

Suncoast Emmy Awards

This years theme for the Suncoast Regional Emmys was, Is there an Emmy in your Future?  There still may be one for me but tonight was not the night. However, I had a memorable evening with Kim during & after the ceremony.

A Petrified Forest Chapter 3

Now that Halloween has passed we we able to modify some of the sets within the Museum of Mayhem at A Petrified Forest. We started off in the cornfield then moved into the Persian pit of doom, & then finally wrapped up in the mummy's tomb. Makeup, masks, & props by Todd Gibson. Behind the Scenes Photos by Jeremy E. Evans. 

A Petrified Forest Chapter 2

This fall we returned to A Petrified Forest to shoot within the sets of the Museum of Mayhem. We began with a scene inside a creepy shack then moved onto a brief clip with a beautiful yet deadly vampire. Finally we cranked up our major scene of the night which included a chainsaw wielding dwarf clown & his stilt walking parter in crime. Makeup by Todd Gibson.

Behind the Scenes Photos by Jeremy E. Evans.

Location Scout at "Legends, A Haunting at Old Town"

Kim & I just survived our Legends, A Haunting at Old Town location scout. Thanks to owners Jim Shackelford & Jay Westerman for their hospitality. The newly renovated Ashdown & Son’s Undertakers is actually the original Grimm House at Old Town. It has been gutted and given an extremely creepy makeover. We look forward to shooting within this one-of-a-kind attraction soon. 


"The Reel of Horror" Recieves Emmy Nomination

Jeremiah Baumbach, Director of Photography for The Reel of Horror, has received another EMMY Nomination for Photography. This is Jeremiah’s third EMMY nomination. This accolade would not be possible without the efforts of the entire cast & crew behind this ambitious project.


Lon Madnight's "Madnight Movies" - Pilot

Studio Tomb is the scene for all the fun & fear! Where there’s no escape from TV’s grooviest ghoulies, as they bring you fantastic films featuring demons & devil bats, haunted houses & horrible heads, all presented in sinister style by that old school ghoul & his modern minions!

Lon Madnight emerges from the Crypt Of Horror to present forgotten fright-films along with his intern Kim & Spooky Sam! So turn down your lights, grab someone to drink, and settle in with your favorite nightmares!  Stay glued to your grave for MADNIGHT MOVIES!

Behind the Scenes Photos by Jeremy E. Evans.

Back in the Studio to Produce "Lon Madnight's" Midnight Movies

The crew that is bringing you "The Reel of Horror" has teamed up with Alchemy House Productions & Lon Madnight to produce 5 episodes of "Madnight Movies".

Today Steve of Alchemy House brought in some props to theme both the studio set for the performance & the linear editing bay for a few of Lon Madnight's cut scenes. 


Location Scout at "The Howey Mansion"

Today Kim & I found ourselves driving back through Howey-in-the-Hills so we decided to pay a visit to the Howey Mansion. I knew of a few classmates who shot their thesis film here back in 2000. Since then the owner has been placed in a nursing home & property has fallen into disrepair. After taking these photos I was able to track down the attorney in charge of the residence but he was not keen on the idea of a horror film being shot on the grounds. 

Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment is on set today.

Lloyd Kaufman a true auteur arrived early & spoke to students at Everest University about his career as a filmmaker in addition to the current state of the film industry. He then stepped into the studio to play the part of the demented projectionist. Lloyd worked tirelessly until it was time to go but before he left he presented Jeremiah with an Official Troma Diploma and offered a few kind words for the crew plus some advice for aspiring filmmakers. Listen to Lloyd's words of wisdom below. Makeup by Nicole Sweeney. Behind the Scenes Photos by Jeremy E. Evans.

My Dinner with Lloyd...

After doing my homework I discovered that filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman was traveling to Orlando for Megacon. I knew he would be perfect for the role of the projectionist and after contacting his assistant, we made a deal.

Lloyd & I spoke briefly on the phone but I wanted a real conversation with him where I could have his full attention without the pressure of having to shoot my film at the same time. Lloyd agreed to have dinner with me prior to another engagement he had one evening. I chose a restaurant within walking distance to his next meeting. We went to a 24 hour diner where the transgender wait staff serve American fare. 

I had list of career and industry questions for Lloyd that I wanted answered openly & honestly. However, that evening had been slated for LIVE entertainment and as we ordered and ate the lady boys lip synced and shook their asses to Birttany Spear's "Toxic" & Lady Gaga's "Born this Way". Lloyd & his lovely wife Pat seemed unfazed by the chaos. 

After we finished our intimate dinner we went with them to the Peacock Room where our cover was waved as we were part of Lloyd's entourage. I guess knowing Uncle Lloydie has it's privileges. (Unfortunately, lady boy lap dances are not one of them). 

Jeremy E. Evans (Set Photographer) Lloyd Kaufman (President & Co-Founder of Troma Entertainment), Pat Kaufman (New York Film Commissioner) Kimberly Honnell (Production Manager), & Jeremiah Baumbach (Director of Photography)

Jeremy E. Evans (Set Photographer) Lloyd Kaufman (President & Co-Founder of Troma Entertainment), Pat Kaufman (New York Film Commissioner) Kimberly Honnell (Production Manager), & Jeremiah Baumbach (Director of Photography)

Weekend at Jeremiah's

This weekend we turned my living room into a death chamber complete with a smoking electric chair! We also explored the use a Reflec Media green screen kit for some potential compositing on future shoots. Finally we shot a bit of additional content for the HorrorscapeS party atmosphere commercial spot & a wicked ouija board scene.

A number of F/X Artists contributed their killer talents this weekend; JD Ellis, Karyna Martinez, Nicole Sweeney, & Lauren Susman.

Special thanks to Steven Shea of Abyssmal Entertainment for lending me his electric chair.

Behind the Scenes Photos by Jeremy E. Evans & Michael Gavin.

"The Reel of Horror" at The Old Time Portrait Gallery

Destination: Old Town.  We pulled in at around 10:30pm & started unloading our gear into The Old Time Portrait Gallery. Since this location is in the heart of a tourist destination we were required to shoot overnight. I knew time was going to be a factor so I decide to run with two simultaneous crews. One crew was lead by a film school classmate, Judson. Jay, a former student headed up the second team. A lot of the staff who work at the photo studio graciously volunteered to perform as talent.

I had planned to use JD Ellis as my FX artist but he came down with the flu. Fortunately, Nicole Sweeney came to my rescue literally taking my call & coming on board a mere ten hours before the all night shoot was going to roll. 

It was a grueling night but we were fortunate enough to get a few short scenes in the can including; the Creeper, the Crying Bride, & the Banshees. Where I made my fatal flaw was when I made the decision to shoot a longer Western scenario that was too complicated for the short window that we had available.  In hindsight I should have shot a larger variety of scenes that required fewer than five setups. 

Behind the Scenes Photos by Jeremy E. Evans & Michael Gavin.

A Petrified Forest Chapter 1

Now that Halloween is over we've been able to take advantage of the great sets at A Petrified Forest. We setup during daylight hours then at dusk we shot our first scene at Ted's Bait Shack.  After dark we put production into high gear & shot a ghostly scene in a haunted school bus, an unhappy apparition in a library, a few girls being pursued by maniacs through the boiler room, a quick clip of a hungry zombie, & a mysterious ghostly bride before wrapping up the night. JD Ellis & Karyna Martinez of Post Mortem FX provided special F/X makeup & props. Behind the Scenes Photos by Jeremy E. Evans & Michael Gavin.