Creature Feature Screening

Tonight a handful of the cast and crew traveled to Tampa for the inaugural Creature Feature Film Competition. After an evening of short films our group walked away with both Best Cinematography (Jeremiah Baumbach) & Best Actor (Kevin Winn). Kevin also won the candy raffle.


The cinematography and production design was very good and brought me into the world with its uniqueness. However, there were audio syncs issues with dubbing that made it distracting. You have a variety of characters but I think it would be better to flesh out a few and focus on them for such a short film. The dialogue didn't fit well, and I think it may have cause the pacing to be a little too slow because of it. The idea of the story was good, but because I didn't know which character I should focus on, it was hard to hard to get the impact. I did get a grindhouse meets western feel which I did find unique.

The production design and costuming really made this feel like a unique world. it was very well done.

Try to be creative and don't let foul language and bad comebacks carry the story.