The Smartest Motherfuckers In The Room - Behind The Scenes

For the first annual Creature Feature Competition we pulled “Undead Zombie/Contagion” as our category and “Comedy” as our genre. Over Italian we came up with the concept of “The Smartest Motherfuckers In The Room”. Logline: The end is here! Strangers coming together to overcome unknown adversities. Heroes born out of strife. This is not that story. Really, this is NOT that story.

We reached out to our usual cast and crew but knew we needed do bring some additional talent on board so we put out a casting call and messaged a few old acquaintances to see if they might be interested in participating. 7 days later we were rolling with an awesome cast & crew!

We would like to thank the staff of BAMF! Comic Shop who generously allowed us to shoot within their Video Howdy Stop. Stop by and check out their collection of comics and collectables when you are in the Maitland area.