For Your viewing pleasure. This is the final cut of “The Ferryman”.

“Have you ever heard of the Ferryman?” A lost soul wanders across a post-apocalyptic wasteland searching for redemption in a shattered and feral world. Possessed by three totems, this broken-hearted survivor revisits a traumatic past. But hopefully, the traveler can overcome these demons to purchase safe passage with the Ferryman. Possessed by three totems and haunting memories, a broken-hearted traveler must overcome personal demons in order to purchase safe passage with the Ferryman.

Our production manager Lamar encouraged our group register for the first annual End of Days Film Film Challenge. We had one month to produce a post-apocalyptic film. What transpired over the next 30 days was a daunting task but it forged new friendships between cast and crew and even elevated some to the winner’s circle.