Spooky Empire 2012

This fall I attended Orlando's annual horror convention Spooky Empire. It was a great opportunity to meet potentail partners & players for future scenes. On Friday I was witness to the Zombie Walk. There I saw one particular gentleman who I had seen at a number of other events around town. Fortunately, I was able to convince his lovely wife Cy to break character and share their contact info. That evening I ran into a lot of people that I knew and met a handful of new horror buffs.

On Saturday I sat in on a few industry related panels then introduced myself to a few possible scare-actors. Exploring the trade show floor I met a number of vendors one in particular being Robert Deleno of Dead Man's Lumber. Robert makes both miniature and life size medieval torture devices. We plan on incorporating his wood & steel oddities into a future shoot. I capped off the day at the Hearse car show where I met a few owners whose cars may make an appearance in a upcoming scene.