"The Reel of Horror" at The Old Time Portrait Gallery

Destination: Old Town.  We pulled in at around 10:30pm & started unloading our gear into The Old Time Portrait Gallery. Since this location is in the heart of a tourist destination we were required to shoot overnight. I knew time was going to be a factor so I decide to run with two simultaneous crews. One crew was lead by a film school classmate, Judson. Jay, a former student headed up the second team. A lot of the staff who work at the photo studio graciously volunteered to perform as talent.

I had planned to use JD Ellis as my FX artist but he came down with the flu. Fortunately, Nicole Sweeney came to my rescue literally taking my call & coming on board a mere ten hours before the all night shoot was going to roll. 

It was a grueling night but we were fortunate enough to get a few short scenes in the can including; the Creeper, the Crying Bride, & the Banshees. Where I made my fatal flaw was when I made the decision to shoot a longer Western scenario that was too complicated for the short window that we had available.  In hindsight I should have shot a larger variety of scenes that required fewer than five setups. 

Behind the Scenes Photos by Jeremy E. Evans & Michael Gavin.